I purchased the poppy floorcloth and it looks absolutely "stunning" in my Tuscan kitchen.  The quality is top notch!   I would definitely recommend this artist. - Donna Bryner


My son just purchased a new home and Nancy designed the perfect floorcloth  for their house warming gift.   She incorporated all of the colors in the room, which pulled everything together.  Nicely done!!!!  - Wendy Brown





I found myself in need of a new carpet in front of my stove.  Tired of dealing with wool carpet's, which trap grease from cooking, I decided on going the floorcloth route.

With my children grown, and having attended design school thirty years prior, I decided to design and make one myself. It became an immediate addiction! Pumping out one after another I decided to share my creations. So here I am!

If you have an idea, I have the means. Let's connect and make it happen. Any idea is welcome and any color combination possible. I work with both acrylic and latex paints. For a specific color, pick a Benjamin Moore color swatch. You will bring me peace through the process and I will create you a statement.

Thank you for taking the time and checking out my website!


 artist statement


"Floorcloths are functional art.  I love the idea of color from the floor up, working within the boundaries of a space, pulling the décor into the floor.  Imagine picking up tile accents or fabric elements in the room and incorporating them into the floor?  Instead of trying to make a rug work in your room, have your room work in your floorcloth and function better too.  Floorcloths are an easy way to transform a room from the floor up.  The idea that anything is possible, is very liberating".