Handcrafted Floorcloths


One-of-a-kinD Floorcloths


Originating in the 1600's (even earlier by some
accounts), floorcloths are the earliest form of floor
coverings. Today they are making a comeback
due to their longevity, ease of maintenance, design
and hypo-allergy factors. Unlike carpets/rugs,
floorcloths are not susceptible to holding dust,
micro bacteria, pet dander and insects. They are
also not prone to stains. Perfect for children's
area's or those with allergies.

My designs range from traditional to modern/
contemporary. Each piece adds personality and a
splash of color to any area. Liven up an entryway,
living room, dining room, bedroom or even a

As you wouldn't subject a framed painting to
moisture, the floorcloth should be treated in the
same manner. They are meant for interior use

Canvas tabs can also be added to any piece to use
as a wall hanging. Rods for hanging will not be

Each piece is created on primed heavyweight
canvas which I have designed by hand. I do not
use stencils although I have made my own